Mediaforme originated from the meeting of professionals specialised in various sectors and provides consultancy and creative services; our staff can offer support to create websites, all types of printed matter and multi-media products.

Our aim is to provide support for our clients by being able to deliver an end-product which is perfect in every detail; or if that is not possible, suggest alternative services which we are capable of providing.

We are experts in creating multi-media CD roms; multi-media and interactive presentations; photographic services; three-dimensional virtual reconstructions, video-digital mounting, CAD services for architectural projects and engineering and informatics consultancy services.

Mediaforme is proud to stand out from the crowd for its versatility and ability to deal with any and all kinds of problems. Nothing is too big or too difficult for us to try. We range through the creative to the technical. We are able to integrate modern information technology techniques in the realisation of complex projects which require projectual and organisational know-how combined with the use of professional software.

In brief, here are just some of our principal activities:

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